Volume Seven, Issue II
The article on Effects of Social Influences on Consumer’s Attitude toward Acquisition of Counterfeit Goods, aims to investigate the effects of social influences on consumers’ attitude towards the acquisition of counterfeit goods. The article notes that Social influences (Reference Group influence, Family influence, Peer pressure influence) strongly affect the consumer attitude toward acquisition of counterfeit product. That consumers are most likely to consider other people’s opinions, thoughts and affirmation when purchasing a particular product.
The article on Biblical Equity in Africa: Operationalizing and Mainstreaming Selected Pauline Texts on Mutual Gender Relations in the Africa church, presents gender disparity as a global problem. It shows that the African church seems to have a problem in operationalizing and mainstreaming the new re-interpretation of the selected Pauline texts so as to facilitate biblical gender equity and mutual gender relations.
The article on Till Death do us Part‘! Addressing the Theology of Perseverance within Nigerian Christian Marriage by Re-Interpreting Pauline's Concept of Marriage, as supported by the scriptures on marriage as a lifelong commitment outlined in Paul's letters. This article therefore, attempts to re-interpret the "theology of perseverance" that is being preached by most members of the clergy within Nigeria through a "hermeneutics of life" and the salvific act of Christ as found in the Pauline letters on marriage.
The article on Mental Health Crisis: Interpersonal Violence During COVID-19 Experience, focuses on the contemporary problem of interpersonal violence in Kenyan marriages and families, especially during the COVID-19 experience, and more so in the quarantine period. The article takes the perspective that the multiple forms of violence in Kenya are a mental health crisis. This mental health problem of interpersonal violence in the Kenyan society is mirrored in marriages and family, and that during the quarantine period, violence and mental health issues became a crisis.
The article on Substitutionary Atonement In The Light Of Vicarious Liability, makes a brief survey of some of the classical, medieval, reformation and contemporary period atonement theories that attempted to explain the work of Christ as an atonement.
The article on Interrogation of the Influence of Christian Higher Education Institutions on Spiritual Formation and Liturgical Alignment on Their Staff and Students in Kenya, investigated the role of Christian higher education institutions’ (CHEIs) influence on Christian spiritual formation among their staff and students in Kenya. Christian spiritual formation is an essential integral part to intellectual development; therefore, the role of CHEIs in facilitation of Christian spiritual information cannot be overemphasized.
The article on the essentiality and Authority of the canonical scripture for an actual Christian life in the world, is a plea to rediscover the essentiality and authority of the Scriptures for an actual Christian life in the world. It begins with some clarification about the locus of authority, and then presents some key issues regarding the authority of Scripture.



Vol. 7 No. 2 (2022): African Multidisciplinary Journal of Research

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