The Use of Tiktok for Consumer Engagement by Select Beverage Companies in Nairobi


Joyce Githaiga


This study explores the utilization of TikTok by select beverage companies in Nairobi
for consumer engagement, aiming to identify factors influencing customer engagement
on the platform. Drawing on the Diffusion of Innovations Theory, User and
Gratification Theory, and Technology Acceptance Model, a mixed-method research
design was employed. Qualitative data were gathered from 10 marketing specialists and
4329 comments on videos published between December 2022 and April 2023.
Quantitative data were obtained from 120 TikTok users who engaged with beverage
brands between December 2022 and January 2023.The study included 8 key informants,
evenly split between genders, with diverse experience levels in digital marketing. Male
participants averaged 8.5 years of experience (range: 7-12 years), while females
averaged 15 years (range: 6-24 years). Survey respondents (n=120) showed a diverse
demographic profile. Analysis revealed TikTok's technological features significantly
influenced customer engagement. Ordinal logistic regression indicated lower ratings of
TikTok Technology Factors correlated with lower odds of higher customer engagement.
The algorithm, user-friendly interface, geo-tagging, and search functionality were
identified as key elements enhancing engagement. TikTok's digital marketing strategy,
featuring short-form videos, visual appeal, and interactive challenges, proved highly
effective. Short-form videos captured attention, visual appeal enhanced marketing
impact, and challenges encouraged user participation. A chi-square test established a
significant association between exposure to marketing campaigns and higher
engagement. User-generated content on TikTok, creative storytelling, and authenticity
emerged as powerful engagement drivers. TikTok's viral potential, creative user
community, and influencer culture were deemed advantageous. Age significantly
influenced user engagement, with younger demographics being more active on TikTok.
This study contributes valuable insights into the effective use of TikTok for consumer
engagement by beverage companies in Nairobi. It establishes the significance of
technological features, digital marketing strategies, and content dynamics in
influencing customer engagement. The findings suggest that brands should tailor their
TikTok content based on user demographics, embrace experimentation, and leverage
the platform's creative culture for enhanced consumer engagement. This research
provides a foundation for future investigations into the effectiveness of other social
media platforms in the beverage industry.


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